stream of consciousness: it's my pms talking

I can't stop thinking about peanut butter M&Ms. I know it's because I'm pre-menstrual , but you'd think after 19 years of being A Woman™ I would have more self control over this type of thing. Guess not.

In other news, I've been snacking on pita chips since 9:30 this morning.


Guys, I went to bed at 7pm on Saturday night and it's easily the best decision I've ever made.

I saw one of my aunts over the weekend who is known in my family for her cutting remarks. She looked at me and said,"Oh? You look nice!" as if I usually leave the house wearing a garbage bag.


Anyone watching the new season of House of Cards?

Anyone listen to the My Favorite Murder Podcast?


Here's a short list of things I wish I had in my possession right now: an entire pizza, Harry Styles. End of list.

Sometimes I want to cry just thinking about the fact that I've never had In-N-Out.


I realized yesterday that I have not made tacos since Cinco de Mayo. THAT'S CRIMINAL. How bad is it if I go to spin tonight and then go home and make tacos?

Don't @ me if you think I shouldn't do that.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I have peanut butter M&Ms to buy.

f a v o r i t e s (p. 2)

In the fall of 2015, I went to the MAC counter at Macy's and said, "I don't care how much it costs, I need all new makeup. " To the tune of $200, I got what I asked for.

Since then, I've been trying to find less expensive products that are comparable. But mostly, I've just been trying to find makeup I can buy at Target since I spend 3 out of my 5 lunch breaks there every week.

Here's what I found:

  1. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation | $13.99 @ Target: I watched one and a half YouTube tutorials before deciding this was going to be the foundation I tried. I'm lol'ing thinking about the girls in the video who used 3-4 drops for "full coverage" while I have to use, like, 10. I have heavy red undertones (? is that a thing?). But overall, I really like this. It's light and it lasts all day. I use the color "porcelain" because I am a literal ghost.
  2. NYX #Nofilter Finishing Powder | $11.99 @ Target: I've had a hard time finding a finishing powder that I like as much as the one I got from MAC. Is it just me (and my dry skin) or do powders leave your face looking cracked AF? I look fine when I leave the house in the morning, but by high noon, my face looks like this. SAD! But this powder does the trick-- and I shamefully picked it up because of the hashtag no filter name. What do you expect from me? I'm a millennial-- we're terrible humans, didn't you know?
  3. NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner | $7.99 @ Target: A few months ago I stopped wearing eyeliner on my bottom waterline. A few weeks ago I stopped wearing eye shadow. I'd like to say it's because I want to take better care of my skin and not be so ~bogged down~ with product, but really it's because I'm lazy and don't feel like taking the extra 5 minutes to do a full face of makeup. I like this eyeliner when I want a matte finish.
  4. NYX Vinyl Liquid Eyeliner | $6.99 @ Target: TBH, I first picked this up because it has "vinyl" in the name and I'm a sucker for records. It has a shiny finish, which is fun for when I go out but questionable when I'm at work. It does tend to crack a little by the end of the day, but that could be user error on my part.

So, yes, everything is by NYX and from Target. Not sponsored, but wish.

Do you have any drug store faves? Let a girl know.


favorites (p. 1) can found here.


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f a v o r i t e s

I was going to make a video for this, but considering I haven’t edited the last video I shot, I figured typing it out would be easier. Am I the only one who spends all day in front of a computer screen (two, actually) and doesn’t want to spend her evenings in front of one, too?

Life, man.

Anyway, here’s the short list of my current favorites:

  1. Nirvana Bourbon | $25 @ Sephora: This perfume is musky and mysterious in all the ways I want a man to be. It does have a cologne vibe versus a floral scent, but that’s what I typically go for. I only purchased the roller because I needed to wear it and make sure it wouldn’t give me a headache before I spent $$ on a bottle of it. But it’s 10/10 worth every penny. Other Elizabeth & James scents include Nirvana Black, Nirvana White and Nirvana Rose.
  2. Point Joggers | $19.99 @ Uniqlo: I feel like an asshole even mentioning these because they are currently out of stock (all colors/sizes) but I think that only further proves how incredible they are. I have to again thank my pal Brooke Lyn for introducing me to these. She snapped me a photo of her wearing them and within 20 minutes I had ordered a pair. Once they arrived and I tried them on, I ordered another pair before I even took the first pair off.
  3.  Nyx Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer | $12.99 @ Target: The first time I purchased primer, I spent $40 on a bottle from MAC and I thought, “THERE HAS TO BE A CHEAPER WAY TO DO THIS.” Since then I’ve tried primers from CoverGirl, Maybelline, and elf until I found this one. I buy the green one because it’s anti-redness, but it also comes in clear and purple (anti-dull skin).
  4. Bronx Colors Skinny Mascara | $9.99 @ Ulta: Mascara is a necessary evil, if you ask me. I have never, ever found a brand I actually like; I’ve only ever found ones that I will tolerate. But this teeny, tiny wand makes all the difference. IMO, the bigger the wand, the bigger the mess (that’s what she said) (but really). Currently, this brand is only sold online through Ulta.
  5. John Mayer | Okay, so, I didn’t buy John Mayer. But man oh man, I would if I could. Or, I would pay at least $100 dollars to run my hands through his hair just once. He’s releasing his new album, The Search for Everything, in waves—the first two are out now, with the complete album being released on April 14th. My favorite songs so far are “Helpless” and “Moving On and Getting Over” but truthfully, I love them all.

Tell me about some of your current favorites!


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