Welcome! I'm Alissa and I'm pumped that you're here.

Let's get some basics out of the way: I'm 31, reside in Upstate New York with two unruly cats, and I'm recognized by both name and order at my favorite local pizza place and coffee shop (which, for the record, is a Dunkin Donuts).

My hobbies are limited, but intense. I spend as many weekends as I can on the road, following bands around (mostly The Avett Brothers). When I'm home, I like to be h.o.m.e. - in my favorite chair, wearing sweats, and plowing through a season of whatever show I'm currently watching on Netflix, HBO, or Showtime.

Want to contact me? Email: graceless.lady.blog@gmail.com.

About the Blog:

When I first started this blog in the spring of 2009 I was a senior in college, interning at a PR firm. I was tasked with researching local blogs -- the new, exciting thing that seemed to be all over the Internet.

I soon decided I wanted my own and had no trouble coming up with a name for it -- Graceless Lady, a line from one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs.

I didn't write my first post until August 2011.

From then on I've discussed reality TV and my weekend shenanigans. I've been known to post recipes or photos from the last concert I went to. More often than not I'll share a story about something ridiculous that has happened to me -- like that time I locked my phone and my keys in my car in a Target parking lot and had a complete stranger give me a ride home.

A lot of things in my life have changed since I started this blog, but the desire to write has only grown.

I walk a fine line between a girl who wants to talk about lost love and living your truth, and a girl who wants to record herself trying to eat as many McNuggets as she can while wearing a Snuggie.

I'm a girl who carries around her dental card in her wallet for a year just in case of an emergency, but can't find it on the day of her dentist appointment. A girl who carefully plans each outfit only to show up to a work meeting with part of her breakfast stuck in her scarf.

A girl who is a little bit graceless and a little bit a lady.