Fall wish list...

I'm anything but "fashionable" but I do know what I like...and yes, it's typically black. I look like I'm either coming/going to a funeral or I'm paying tribute to Johnny Cash. Whatever. Here's a few things that aren't in my closet, but should be.

I love these suckers. Nothing better than a wide leg in my book.
From: Gap

I'll take the shirt and the necklace, thanks.
From: Express

There's no denying it...scarves are my favorite thing.
From: Zumiez

I love hats. Period.
From: Target

The only thing that's ever colorful is whatever bag I'm carrying at the time.
SN: This is actually a travel bag, but I would use it as an everyday bag.
From: Target

Boots like this are tricky. They can go from cute to les-be-onic in a matter of one buckle. These are cute, no?
From: Rocket Dog

There are so many other things I want, but it was hard enough putting these on here without buying any. Happy Friday!