Catching up with RHOBH - Part Two

When I saw Lisa's daughter and douchey boyfriend announce their engagement, I thought for a second I was watching a cheesy romantic comedy. Lisa's comment about putting the plates and dinner away was classic though, as was her telling Ken to shut up when he was about to give a speech.

Look at what Ken and Jiggy wore to the wedding. #twinning!

Lisa and Taylor have never been friends so Lisa's sudden urge to make sure Taylor is okay, and more importantly is eating, seems strange to me. I want to believe that Lisa is just truly concerned, but I doubt it. Maybe she has some new recipes she wants Taylor to try out before she puts them on the menu at Sur?

Maybe Taylor just wants to eat Lisa?

Taylor's meltdown was as disappointing as Kelsey Grammer in bed - well, at least that's what Camille told me, and the entire country. Obviously Taylor going to be intoxicated after one glass of wine since she only weighs ten pounds!
I'd want you to go home, too.

When the story breaks in the tabloids that something is going on in Taylor's marriage, she automatically assumes it was Lisa. Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if it was Taylor herself. At any rate, this sparks a conversation between Taylor and Kyle about having people that work for them sign confidentiality agreements. I mentally penned this letter to Taylor:

Dear Taylor,
Did Russell make you sign a confidentiality agreement, too? Is that why you waited until he died before you sold the pictures of your battered face to the media?

Write back soon,

 Too much, too soon?

And because a #RHOBH post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Kim looking absolutely nuts, here she is trying to "throw magic" on Taylor...

I wonder who had more to drink.

I promise to be better with posting about episodes! Actually, I'm going to go get ready for tonight's right now :)