Another rant, if you will...

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I'm not sure what is more annoying; people who decorate for Christmas, listen to Christmas music, etc. before Thanksgiving or the people who complain about people decorating for Christmas, listening to Christmas music, etc. before Thanksgiving.

To which I say:
Shut up.

If someone wants to decorate their house with Christmas lights before Thanksgiving, let them. Is it really causing any harm? If they include a sign that says, "Hey, kids! Santa isn't real!" it might cause some neighborhood tension, but a few twinkle lights aren't going to kill anyone.

It was actually 60 degrees here over the weekend, so props to all the good little worker husbands who put up their Christmas lights when they could wear a sweatshirt instead of hats, gloves, and restricting coats.

Personally, I won't listen to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, but I'm not going to fill everyone's news feeds up with posts like, "omfg, I can't believe the radio is ALREADY playing Christmas music. For reals? omfg, wtf"

Or whatever ridiculous posts people come up with.

To which I say:
Shut up.

Radios are AMAZING these days. There are so many stations you can choose from! (sarcasm?) So if you don't feel like listening to "I'll be home for Christmas" when you aren't even home for Thanksgiving yet, change the station! Or listen to you iPod! Or put in a CD, if CDs are still cool! I don't know...

Stores aren't going to delay putting out Christmas stuff or stop blasting Christmas music until Black Friday because people are ranting on Facebook or Twitter...or blogs. When I worked in a card store, we had the Christmas ornaments up in July.

Yes, July.

Now they probably put them up in March, but whatever. As long as I don't have to be the one that's fixing those damn boxes at the end of every night, I'm okay with it.

I was in Macy's a few weeks ago and they were BLARING Christmas music and I have to admit, it was a shopping buzz kill. There's nothing like Christmas music to make you feel guilty for shopping for yourself during the months of November and December. I went to Express instead, listened to Britney Spears and dropped some dollas on myself, ya hear? Guilt free. It was like the Weight Watchers version of Christmas (time) shopping.

Maybe I'm just jaded. Maybe it's because I grew up in the, "Let's stay up all night and be the first people in line at Walmart!" generation.  But if you want to spend the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving doing this, then go right ahead. It's only going to get worse, so we might as well get used to it.

I've spent my time prepping my liver for mass alcohol consumption in order to deal with my family.

To each their own!