No Shame November Update and What I'm Listening To

There is a mystery participant in No Shame November (NSN). Twice in one week there has been a red Dodge Caravan behind me on my way to work with a red headed he/she (seriously, I'm not sure if it's a guy or a girl) that's ROCKING OUT behind the wheel.

When I first saw he/she last week, I thought they were yelling at me and/or making hand signals that I should blow through the red light we were sitting at. I also thought maybe he/she was yelling at kids in the backseat. I mean, it is a freakin mini van after all. Then I realized:


I wish I could get a video of it happening, but I can't record videos on my phone without a media card and I refuse to buy a media card because I want a new phone, ya hear?
This is what I snapped today:

I tried to determine if it was a guy or a girl based on the song choice aka the lyrics they were so obviously screaming at the top of their lungs, but I can't read lips.

I almost peed my pants a little when he/she picked up a bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red and held it about an inch from he/she's mouth, but didn't take a sip for a solid three minutes because he/she was too busy pretending to be Bon Jovi.

Red van, red head, red lights, Code Red...

So because I couldn't figure out what song he/she was preforming to, here's what I was listening to!

I can't wait to see he/she again! I will try to take a better picture.

Happy Thursday!