RHOBH recap!

Let me start off this recap by saying that I was very excited for this week's episode. When I saw the preview for it, I jumped out of bed, threw my remote and yelled, "Oh no you didn't, Camille!"

Not kidding. That happened.
No Shame November, okay?

Anywho, I'm very happy that Bravo actually showed the majority of the fight, instead of leaving it for the last 30 seconds of the episode with that "to be continued..." bullshit.

Before the tea party from hell, though, there was Kyle, Kim and Mr. Bean (good call, Kelsey!) standing around Kim's living room, pretending Kyle wasn't crying. I love that she blamed her "allergies" on the long-haired dog, instead of the hyena that was clearly the true cause of her tears. If I had a sister and her new boyfriend looked like that, I would cry, too.

Those are some serious allergies. Photo Cred.

And promise rings? Cmon. This isn't 7th grade and he isn't one of the Jonas brothers.
However, I highly doubt that anyone would have actually married him before so...

Paul and Adrienne's dinner scene made me giggle. I love listening to them bicker. I wish I counted how many times Paul said crabs. I was starting to think they were playing the meow game from Super Troopers. I think he said it at least 10 times.

Cheers to crabs. Photo Cred.

Next up was Taylor's luncheon that she "oopsie" didn't invite Lisa to. I'm sorry, but I've been to plenty of those luncheons for my job and they are borrree-ing. And are we supposed to really believe that Russell allowed Taylor to work? Beautyticket.com? Chief Creative Director?

Is that even REAL?

What was real was Kyle's 'oh shit' face when she realized that Lisa was not invited.

Kyle's "oh face" Photo Cred.

Yet Taylor still had the balls to show up to Lisa's tea party the next day. I have to give the girl some credit! She went in there looking for a fight, expecting everyone else to back her up. Instead, no one said anything. I was actually quite shocked that Camille, Adrienne and especially Kyle (for the most part) kept their mouths shut. And Lisa's "Oh darling!" comments were amazeballs. I'm pretty sure you could call her out on any bullshit she starts and all she would have to say for herself is, "Oh darling!"

Lisa's "oh face" Photo Cred.

 The best part of the fight was when Taylor got up and left, but found Paul outside stalking the gate. I couldn't tell who she was talking to at first and then I realized it had to be Paul because who else walks up and down the streets of a gated Beverly Hills community in blue scrubs?

What a strange scene... Photo Cred.

Then the shit really hit the million dollar fan. I've commented before about Camille's tendency to be MIA in arguments this season, but you could see her reach her breaking point. And fair enough! If someone came to my house and spilled the beans about their failing marriage and then turned around and said, "Gotta go! I'm taking a (insert name of a fancy plane) to (insert name of some far away land) with the guy I just told you was leaving me!" I would be livid, too.

She's about to get real honest. Photo Cred.

Good for Camille.

I've decided that Camille Grammer is a classy lady. Instead of turning all ghetto like Kyle and pointing fingers and dropping eff bombs, Camille throws her bag over her shoulder and says, "Not cool!" 

Until next time...