RHOBH Recap!

This week's episode started with the conclusion to Lisa's tea party fight...well, that's if you consider a pinky swear to get along a conclusion to an argument where all participants are over the age of five.

A hug is much better. Photo Cred.

Next up is Kim. She needs to make three phone calls; one to Rachel Zoe for some styling tips, because this look...

Photo Cred.

...is not attractive. And neither is your boyfriend, Kim. You are what you eat.

Then she needs to call up Rachel's bestie Jeremiah and ask him to decorate her house. Or she can call my sister-in-law, Heather, who already agreed to help! And finally, Kim needs to call Patty Stanger to help her find a new (and attractive) boyfriend. You're welcome for the advice, Kim.

Back to the tea party drama! I'm not sure if I'm buying Taylor's "I just need to be friends with you" plea to Lisa. Is Lisa really that great of a friend to have? Apparently not, according to Adrienne. Anyways, I think Kyle is also baffled by this, which is why she can't drop the subject. She's even dragged Faye "Butterface" Resnick into it, but took Portia out of the room first. Such a good mom! Right?

At least my main squeeze is in this photo. Photo Cred.

I just have to touch quickly on the scene where Pandora, Jason, and Lisa are picking out wedding invitations. Of course, Pandora loves the lavish $150 one that cannot possibly be mailed. Then she makes the comment about it being "Pandora's Box" and I thought to myself, "If all of the guests get to touch and open Pandora's box before the wedding, can she still wear white on her wedding day?"

Keep your box to yourself, sweetheart. At least until you're married. Photo Cred.

A little food for thought on this Thanksgiving's Eve.

I don't think I need to go into detail about how over the top Kennedy's 5th birthday party was. But let's talk about what a brat she looks like. Is she going to grow up and blame that on editing? Probably. But once again, Portia steals the spotlight and rightfully so. She's so damn cute.

I love Taylor's attempt at humor by saying that if Camille was there, she would be shoveling shit. Oh, okay, Taylor. I'm sure that would happen. Just like when Russell came over to you to tell you what was going to happen and when, you really stood up for yourself. She completely left Dana in the trenches, taking grenades. Luckily, Dana had enough smarts to turn on her ugly blue cowboy boot heels and walk away.

Kim and Brandi's show down was pretty comical, or maybe it was just the music Bravo chose to use for that particular scene. Let's face it, Brandi, you will never be friends with her. You don't even want to be friends with her. Give it a fucking rest!

Amazing. Photo Cred.

Lastly was the song that whats-his-face from American Idol preformed. Anyone listen to it? I had to fast forward through the entire thing due to a serious case of second hand embarrassment. All I know is that Kennedy had her back to him the entire time, which is exactly how I would have stood.

Maybe we do have something in common after all.