Weekend Recap

When I said I was going to do a little something, something for myself this weekend, I meant it.
And a little "something, something" looks like this:

Get em here.

and this...

They were clearance, but similar styles can be found here.

and this...

Same deal...similar styles can be found here.

and almost this, but I controlled myself...

You can get them here. And if you wear a size 10, I might steal them from you.

...because I don't need to break any more toes or sprain any more ankles.

I picked out a fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher for the house.
Tile for the kitchen and the bathroom floors.
And the most amazing hardwood floor a girl ever did see.

If I could marry an inadament object, I would marry this floor.

So yes, progress is being made on the house and I will be posting pictures soon.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!