Alissa Lately

I stole this idea from here. I love these survey-type-things every once in a while :)
Instead of it being "Currently" ...let's call it "Lately"

This is me lately. Not really...this is actually an old picture.
This is how I feel lately, though. Minus the fantastic tan.

Obsessing over: New music, scarves, shiggles, Pintrest, my nephew, getting another piercing (no place sick, ya freaks!), possible endings and new beginnings.

Ohhh to be vague...

Working on: Taking more pictures for this damn blog. I'm SUCH a slacker. I blame it on the fact that my camera semi resembles a paparazzi camera. I miss my point and shoot, but love the quality of my SLR. I just have to ignore the fact that most people stare at me when I take out my camera.
SN: I'm breaking down and getting an iPhone. My upgrade is available and I can no longer resist. In all honesty, I'm just excited to use Instagram. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures with that, too!

Thinking about: Making some changes. Serious changes. This post got me thinking about a lot of things and it's about time I pick up the pieces of myself that I let die and put myself back together. In my personal life, my career, with my friends and with my family - everything just needs to be revised.

Anticipating: 2012. Usually I'm very excited about the Christmas season, but for some reason I'm in a huge funk and want to sleep until January 1st. The cliche idea of the New Year being a "fresh start" is something I typically roll my eyes at. However, this upcoming year, I'm looking forward to new beginnings and some fresh starts. And let's be honest, if the world is going to end in 2012, I'm going out happy and with a bang.

Listening to: A lot of Adele. Actually, too much Adele. Either Adele is on repeat or Mumford and Sons. And if you don't listen to either, I HIGHLY recommend that you start (no really, right now). I can listen to Mumford and Sons' "Sigh No More" album from start to finish, and typically do on a weekly basis. And all of a sudden I also have Eminem, Jay-Z, and Kanye West on repeat. Who knew? Don't forget Pistol Annies. Check this out.

Drinking: Too much beer. Too many Amps and Monsters. Not nearly enough water. At one point I was drinking 8-10 glasses of water during the work day and another 3 or 4 at home every night. Now, I'm lucky if I drink 2. I had to pee every five minutes so I cut back, but I've definitely cut back way too much.

Wishing: My headaches would stop, my eye would be back to normal, and I could wear eye shadow again. I really miss eye shadow, but it makes my eye looks 10 times worse so I refuse to wear it. I went to a new doctor this week and he thinks my problems might be caused by my contacts, so I'm wearing glasses for the next three weeks to see if it makes a difference. Only time will tell!

I'm also wishing I will wake up tomorrow and magically feel better because we're headed to Syracuse!
(and I'm no fun when I'm sick)

Have a great weekend!