Christmas Baby

Back off, ladies. He's married.

Christmas has always had a "double meaning" in our house. My oldest brother, PJ, was born on Christmas Day in 1978. We opened presents early in the morning and around noon it officially turned into PJ's birthday.

My mom was a hard ass when it came to presents for him. She told my entire family that they couldn't get him one present and have it count for both Christmas and his birthday. Not only that, she wanted his birthday presents wrapped in birthday paper. I still buy him two presents; one wrapped in Christmas paper and one wrapped in birthday paper.

And although he'll be turning 33 this year, we still switch to birthday-mode and have his birthday "dinner" around noon on Christmas. SN: I'm a little bummed about his choice of meal this year. Goulash, PJ? Really? It's okay, I'm committing to a liquid lunch. I just decided.

So in honor of his birthday, here's a few fun facts about him (and some pictures)...

+His full name is Paul Joseph, but he is totally not a Paul. Actually, if someone says to me, "Oh, your brother Paul..." I look at them like they have five heads. My brother, who?

Me and "Paul" circa 2006.

+He's been married to Heather for a little over a year and a half. They are pretty fantastic together.

+Captain Morgan is his beverage of choice. He occasionally dresses up like him, too.

+And then he battles Captain Jack Sparrow

Happy (early) Birthday, PJ!