Christmas Confessions

Confession #1: I made that ecard. No big deal.

Confession #2: No amount of snow on the ground is going to put me in the Christmas spirit.

Confession #3: I haven't bought a single gift for anyone. I'm usually almost done by now.

Confession #4: I don't feel any pressure to start shopping. I may or may not be shopping last minute with all of the degenerate husbands.

Confession #5: I have not decorated at all. Fall is my favorite season, Halloween my favorite holiday, but I usually get excited and like to decorate for Christmas. Not. Happening.

Confession #6: I refuse to listen to any Christmas music. Even my favorite Christmas song hurts my ears.

Confession #7: I truly believe that ABC Family is only good for its 25 Days of Christmas, but this year, since I'm hating on Christmas, ABC Family is good for nothing. Sorry, Sam.

Confession #8: I typically get excited about presents. I even made a wish list. But honestly, besides the iPhone, I want nothing else...

Confession #9: ...except maybe to be left alone. I want that, too.

Confession #10: Despite being a complete Scrooge, I would still love to go to NYC and see the tree. I do it almost every year and it makes me a little sad that I won't be going this year.

Am I the only one drinking the Christmas haterade this year?