I'm getting nothing for Christmas

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So, I'm officially an iPhone user. I've been resistant for years; buying phone after phone that either ended up dying on me or I ended up hating. Or both...usually both.

I had an upgrade available and decided it was time. And by that I mean, it was what I told my mom to buy me for Christmas. I had every intention of ordering it and waiting until Christmas morning to open it. Remember when you were a kid and you spent all of Christmas Day playing with your new toys?
That was going to be me...until my iPod died. And took over 2200 songs with her.

I knew she was on the outs. I've had her for a while and I can honestly say that I wasn't the best mother to her. There were a few times that I dropped her while I was on the treadmill and she went flying off, hitting the wall going 100mph. Just kidding. I can't run that fast.

She was freezing a lot on my lately (another reason why I thought making the switch to the iPhone was appropriate) but I didn't expect her to just up and die on me like that. She makes this sad clicking noise (kind of like my laptop) and then a little iPod shows up on the screen with a sad face.

An iPod with a sad face. What's a girl to do?

My iPhone arrived in the mail yesterday and I immediately texted my mom.
Our convo went a little something like this:

Me: My iPhone is here. She's real pretty.
Mom: What? You opened it?
Me: No, but I can just tell she's beautiful. She keeps asking me to open her.
Mom: What are you going to have to open on Christmas?
Me: I don't care. Stocking stuffers? Presents from PJ and Matt? Listen, I'll open Alden's presents for him so I still feel like I'm celebrating.
SN: Alden is my nephew, who is two months old. Obviously he can't open his own presents!
Mom: You're desperate.
Me: Duh. I really miss being able to listen to my music on my way to and from work. Without my iPod, I'm tempted to drive my car off the Twin Bridges.
SN: For those of you who aren't local, these are the Twin Bridges.
The Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridge if you're nasty.
Mom: Okay. You can have it.

Nothing like a "I'm going to drive my car off a bridge" threat to convince my mom to give me my Christmas present early. I'm a 25 year old child, okay?

Now I just have to figure out how to use the fucker.