RHOBH Recap: What We Learned

Sorry for not giving you a full recap of last week's episode.
I figured I'd do a quick "What We Learned" in photos before tonight's big event aka The White Party!

This week, we learned that...

Taylor will be Lisa's friend if it means a free meal and a free trip to Vegas.

Brandi still doesn't think a bra is necessary.

Paul and Adrienne hate each other. Still.

You can drop an expensive chandelier and get away with it if you are the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.

Adrienne's brother is a creeper.

Pandora doesn't need more flowers or more diamonds, she needs to spend more time on her hair in the morning.

Portia can steal the spotlight from anyone, including Kyle's boobs and a bear-dog that knows his cheese.

Brandi can bowl better than I can, even with a cast and two loose canons.

Camille and Brandi are of the bi-curious variety.

Lisa knows how to give me second-hand embarrassment like a pro.

And Kim. Ohhh, Kim! Well, she's still moving. And now her kids hate her.
I guess we learned that this is what happens to you if you date a hyena.

I will be watching tonight's episode TONIGHT. I promise!