RHOBH Recap!

Folks, I'm not going to lie...

This week's episode bored me to tears! So instead of doing a full recap, let's review all of the things that I simply do not give a fack about - which is why this episode was awful.

He annoys the shit out of me.

I really don't care about Pandora's $150 wedding invite, but I can't help but wonder how
much they will spend on the divorce party invites?

Sorry Adrienne, but I don't care about your shoes. Still love you, though.

Taylor's marriage? We all know how that story ends.

This argument. Thanks, but no thanks.

Brandi still annoys me, but I'm looking forward to her party next week.
Like I was invited.

This fashion show. There wasn't any drama, so why bother?

I did, however, appreciate two things...

Camille's fantastic coat.

Mauricio's outfit.
(Call me)
Next week's episode looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to it!