The time I wasted $11 on a movie...oh, and what I'm listening to!

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So there is a new movie theater in town...

I mean, like an extremely nice and fancy one. So nice and fancy that it's always PACKED and I had to go to a movie on a Monday night so I didn’t have to sit next to someone I don't know.

Which, I'm sorry, but I hate to do.

I have a people phobia and hate to be touched...
even if it's just my arm, by accident, because we're fighting over the same arm rest...

Sam and I saw the new Twilight movie and I was so mortified/embarrassed to go but at the same time SO curious to see it. I loved the books so much that I’ve read them all (well, besides the last one) three or four times. I was so sad when the first movie came out and corrupted my innocent Twilight obsession!

So what does a respectable 25 year old woman (if that’s what you call me) say when she’s buying a ticket for a pre-teen drama, full of terrible actors/Bella and Edward are gonna get it on movie?

“Uhhh…ya know, that umm …that Twilight movie.”

Real smooth.

And when the person directing me to the correct theater asked me what I was going to see,
I responded with:

“::audible sigh:: Umm…err …Twilight.”

I guess the movie followed the book as much as it possibly could (right? I can’t remember the book that much, it’s been a while, and that sucker was long) but the acting or lack of acting, was rough. Kristen Stewart is a better actress now than she was in the first movie, but she still sucks. Poor Taylor Lautner looks just like my high school boyfriend so even if he was a good actor, I could never take him seriously. And Rob Pattinson? Fix yo teeth, son.

Does anyone know when the second part of the movie comes out?
Because who I am kidding, I will be going to see that, too.

Until then, here’s what I’m listening to!
(Please forgive the corny video, it's a good song, I swear!)