House Update

Psst...I promise to write about Real Housewives tomorrow. What a doozy, right?

The house renovation has been a slow process. There were a few minor major bumps in the road, especially lately, but things have been happening rather quickly in the last week or so. I plan on posting before and after pictures of each room once it is all finished, but I'll give you a sneak peek of the kitchen.

Let me show you what we were working with...

This was the kitchen, before. Reminds me of a line from Home Alone.

"Buzz, your girlfriend...woof."

It was bad, but you have to remember that my 95 year old great-grandmother was living in this house and nothing had been updated since...well, ever. This was the original kitchen from when her and my great-grandfather built the house back in the late 60's, early 70's.

SN: I should find out what year the house was built.

All the way to the right you see a doorway that lead into the guest bathroom. That had to go.

This is the kitchen now. Almost finished!

No pressure to cook fantastic meals, Alissa.

What do you think of it?