Shit I Say

All of these "Shit Girls Say" and "Shit Nobody Says" videos inspired this post.

 If you hang around me long enough, you start speaking my language. And let me tell you, it's fucking obnoxious. Sometimes I annoy myself. I rarely say an entire word and I'm constantly being yelled at for it. I also use abbreviations for things that don't make sense. Here's some of the shit I say:

"What the fuckin fuck?"

"Ohhhhh, Kathyyyy"

"I don't even know you!"


"How dare you!"

(my personal favorite)

"Lock it up."

"Shut it down."

"That sounds like a personal problem."

"I am PUH-issed."

"That's obnox."

"Make it work."

"Take notes and report back."

"You're a pussy."


And the #1 thing I say all the time...

"I need a beer."

A few code words/phrases:

NG, NG: No good, no good.

Shiggles: Shits and giggles...cmon now, you should know that.

Any-whoozle-bees: Anyway (Thanks for this one, Heather)

Are you for cereal?: Are you serious?

Lesbehonest: Let's be honest.

Dur-Dur-Dur: You're an idiot.

And Scene: Done.

Concernicus: Concerned

CL Smooth: Coors Light

Abs and pecks-a-loutely: Absolutely.

Ohhh, and if you mean anything to me, anything at all, you have a nickname.
If you don't know the nickname I have for you, then it's probably nasty.

Happy (thirsty) Thursday!