Top Five Things I Can't Live Without

1. My Burt's Bees addiction is crippling. I start hyperventilating when I can't find my chapstick. So to prevent any panic attacks, I keep one in my car, one at my desk at work, one on my nightstand, about three are in my purse at any given time, and I always have new ones in my dresser, just in case I can't find one at the exact second I need it. What I really need is Burt's Bees 12 Step Program.

2. If you haven't tried Chobani, you're missing out. My old boss called me a pansy for not trying it. He was of the...fruit variety, if you know what I mean? So there was no way I was letting him call me a pansy. Turns out, I love it. I have one for breakfast and one for lunch everyday. My favorite flavors are raspberry, pineapple, and peach. Check it out and thank me later.

3. I'm like an 80 year old woman with my tissues, I always have one in my pocket. I've even been known to stick one behind my watch, like a true grandmother would. I don't even end up using it for anything most of the time, I just need to know it's there. Maybe a tissue is my security blanket? Maybe I need help.

4. This is so #FirstWorldProblems, but I don't know what I would do without my DVR. It's constantly full, and I watch so many shows, I'm scared to get hooked on any new ones. Bravo is a sick, sick addiction. Just when I think I'll get a breather because they are ending RHOBH, they announce RHOC AND Bethenny Ever After are both starting in February. What are you trying to do to me, Andy Cohen?

5. I hate to admit it, but I don't know how I would function in the morning without an Amp. I've tried to switch to coffee, or even sugar-free Monster, but they just aren't the same. I have no idea what's in them and I don't want to know. I'm actually drinking one right now. Help!

Notice that my cell phone is NOT on this list. Sometimes, I really hate it. I've considered turning it off once in a while, and I think I might start doing that. I need to be inaccessible sometimes.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!