Weekend Recap

I wish I had fabulous pictures of my exciting weekend, but I don't.

Because I spent the majority of my weekend reading The Hunger Games and then spent last night starting Catching Fire. I seriously forced myself to eat and shower yesterday. I also took a break to watch the Giants game. SN: Love the Giants, love Aaron Rodgers. Next weekend will be tough for me.

Back to the books...I'm officially addicted. I knew it was going to happen! I probably should have waited until I was actually IN my house to read them, since I read this weekend away instead of being productive. But that's why I have worker bees, right? I threw them the occasional sandwich or bottle of water and I was all set.

Just me, my Giants snuggie, and Katniss, who I thought was a boy for the first chapter or two.

I did manage a few pictures though, so enjoy!





1. I always have time to hang out with my Nug. | 2. And of course I have time for beers with Sam. | 3. Kitchen with cabinets and appliances. Next stop, counter tops! | 4. Remember what I said about this floor? I meant it. Check your mail for the wedding invite.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Here's to hoping this week flys.