{1} Cut my mother fugging hair.

Annnnd didn't take a picture of it because I'm not a self-centered asshole.

Kidding. I just didn't have time this morning. But this is the picture I brought so use your imagination.

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{2} So sleeping in a new house is tough. I have enough problems staying asleep but now I'm jumping at every noise I hear. I smell a NyQuil addicting brewing...okay, fiiiiiine. I quit that shit. I did start taking Melatonin because I can't drink every night before I go to sleep. Or can I?

Multiply by 8 and I'm passed out.

{3} I've also been taking St. John's Wort. I know, it sounds like something you might find on your foot after a tropical vacation, but it's not. Do I think I'm depressed? No. Well, maybe seasonally. I need sunshine! Until then, I'm taking these 3 times a day.

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Happy Fat Tuesday, kids!