Random Wednesday

View from my (new) bedroom window.

I went to my eye doctor last week and found out I need to have surgery to correct my droopy eyelid.
I can't even process that right now.

I'm moving into my new house this weekend.
I have nothing packed.

The bottom of my left foot constantly hurts, like it's bruised or something.
I'll have to Google that.

I have a hair appointment on Monday and I'm planning on cutting a few inches off.
I'm nervous, but I'm doing it.

I will probably never do a "What I Wore" post.
I hope you're okay with that.

I watched The Help for the third time in a month last night.
I will probably watch it again this weekend.

I normally don't look forward to spring or, more specifically, summer...
Humidity does nasty things to my hair and to my personality.

But for some reason I need spring to get here.
I need to have my windows open, I need things to be alive again.

Happy Wednesday - let's hope it's quick and painless.