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I have to start by saying that my DVR decided NOT to record the show, even though I set it to. It did, however, record True Life: I'm a Single Mother. Just in case I wanted to check that out.

So I missed the first 5 minutes of the show and when I finally realized it was not recording, my digital cable decided to freak.the.fuck.out. and I missed Tamra and Gretchen's conversation.

I finally switched to basic cable ::gasp:: and it was like watching the first season ever.
SN: I suggest everyone should re-watch the first season. It's amazing how low-budge it was.
AND it's amazing how different Vicki looks.

Okay, I'll break it down by girl...

Tamra: She looks good, don't you think? Obviously dating a guy who is five years younger than her means she stepped up her game. Her hair looked good and I loved her make-up. She hasn't always been my favorite, although last season I did start liking her more. Besides from that one bath scene with Eddie. That was just disturbing. She's feisty and I like feisty.

Vicki: I'm torn. A part of me wants her to leave the show, and a part of me wants her to stay. OC was the first Housewives franchise, and she's the only original cast member. I feel awful for Donn, especially since I heard he has colon cancer, but I'm very interested in learning about her new guy. I heard he's a southern gentleman...ahh, a girl after my own heart. But I also heard the kids don't like him. And by kids I mean her adult children, who shouldn't have an opinion. Let her be happy!

SN: Speaking of cast members, remember Quinn? Thank God she was only on for one season.

Alexis: I cannot stand her. She kind of looks like this annoying girl I went to high school with, which makes me hate her even more. Why does she have an assistant? And why was her assistant driving her car when she clearly did not look older than 14? I don't know about you, but I'm not going to be taking exercise advice from Alexis OR Dr. Booty. And if she ever gave me one of her lame ass dresses as a gift, I would strangle her with it.  AND where was Jim when her and the kids were eating dinner?

I hate that guy.

"Seven carats...all diamonds."

Fuck off.

Gretchen: I go back and forth with her. She has taken a lot of shit over the past years; between Jeff dying, then dating Slade, and everything in between. So I do give her credit for sticking around. I love that her and Tamra have a secret friendship-affair going. Vicki is going to be PUH-ISSED! I really just want to get to the episode when everyone is dressed up in 80's gear and Gretchen says, "Oh, really??" You know, that one from the previews? How could you take anyone seriously when they looked like that? I will say this though; I don't hate that she's with Slade.  

I am so embarrassed.
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Heather: I didn't see enough of her to form an opinion yet. I know, I know... it usually only takes me two seconds to judge someone. I just wish I could remember what she does for a living...

I'm looking forward to Peggy vs. Alexis drama. I'm also looking forward to how Vicki handles the Tamra+Gretchen=best friends for now news. But most importantly, I'm just hoping Jeana Keough's son, Shane, somehow makes an appearance. What.A.Hottie.

Tell me your thoughts! I want to hear all of them!