Rules to Live By: Dumb is Never Cute

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If you ask me what my "type" is, I will tell you this...I don't have a type, I have a feeling.
Well, I don't typically like guys with blond hair. Blond hair is my thing, sorry fellas

I've dated all sorts of guys. And by dated, I mean slept with.

I'm fucking kidding. Relax.

I'm not going to say I like 'em real thick and juicy (name that tune), I'm not going to say I like them any certain way, to be honest. Because it's a feeling, not a look, that first attracts me to someone.

Here's the thing; guys (and people in general) find me intimidating. This is a problem...for them. Obviously not for me, because I think it's fantastic. It means I don't have to social smile. Ever. 

My theory is this; cocky guys like dumb girls. They like doormats. They like girls who are going to sit there, look pretty, and wear pink Giants jerseys in an attempt to be "one of the guys." 

And not me.

If you heard the obscenities I was yelling during the Super Bowl, I'm not sure you'd want to be my friend.

I'm mouthy. I will give you shit and call you out on yours. I'm like the kid on the playground who makes fun of you because I like you. Yes, this is third grade. Welcome back.

So there lies the problem. Or is it really a problem? My experience has been that guys who would have broken my heart or wasted my time, naturally weed themselves out. They know they aren't going to get away with anything (cheating, lying, etc.) so why bother with me? They are going to go for "that girl" who is going to take them back no matter how many times they get their dick wet by someone else.

Guess what? "That girl" used to be me. I learned young, and I learned the hard way, how someone can royally fuck you over.

The biggest issue is this; you're going to want to chase them, at least initially. But we don't chase men.

They chase us.

So am I bitter? I try not to be. Intimidating? Absolutely. But the guy who sticks around and tries to figure out why I am the way I am, deals with me even when I'm being a super bitch, and comes back for more, not because he likes to be abused (I probably should learn to watch my mouth), but because he appreciates me for who I am... is the guy worth my time.

So next time you're upset because someone you like, and perhaps someone you thought liked you, runs in the opposite direction; try to think of it as a good thing. They eliminated themselves from your life for a reason.

Let them go.