Valentine's Day...

I'm not big into Valentine's Day...

Oh please, don't act so surprised.

I can't remember having a good Valentine's Day. Ever. Even when I was 16 and dating the star of the football team a big waste of time, Valentine's Day sucked. Sure, he had a dozen roses delivered to my house, but then he decided to cheat on me two weeks after. And probably 20 more times until I dumped his three years later.

Ahhh, to be young and stupid.

Anyways, here's a few things I'm loving these days.

{1} Nose rings.

Photo via Google Images

Why couldn't I want a nose ring when I was in college? Of course I had to wait until I got a real job to want a piercing directly on my face. I'm just going to do it, fuck it.

{2} Blue Moon.

Holy shitballs, I feel like SUCH a cheater saying that. My love for Coors Light is no secret, but lately I've been digging Blue Moon drafts when I go out. It might just be my new favorite beer of choice...unless, of course, I've committed to an entire day of drinking; then I have to stick to CL Smooths.

{3} My nephew...who just happens to be my Valentine.

I love this little nugget. It's amazing how an (almost) four month old can smile and quickly make me forget about all of the stress in my life. I love being able to watch him grow :)

Happy Valentine's Day!