What I'm Watching

Hey, Bravo, heyyyy.

I finally have cable at the new house! Okay, wait...let me rephrase. I've had cable at the house all along, I just didn't know it. Apparently, it was never turned off and if I had hooked up my TV, I would have had basic cable; not digital cable or the Internet...but still!

I thought I would have more respect for people who don't even have cable, or people who say they never watch TV, but I don't. I still think you're all assholes. What do you do with your time? What do you talk to people about? What do you blog about?

Anyway, I'm making this list a little bit for myself (so I can remember what shows are currently on and when) and a little bit for you guys, so you can see all of the shitty TV that rots my brain.

Sunday: RHOA, Khole and Lamar, Celebrity Apprentice, Big Rich Texas, The Walking Dead

Monday: Bethenny Ever After, It's a Brad, Brad World (although last night was the finale)

Tuesday: RHOC, Justified, Tosh.0, and I watched Teen Mom 2, but now it looks like 16 & Pregnant is coming back (SN: MTV needs to bring back Awkward, PRONTO. I loved that show)

Wednesday: I can't think of anything I watch on Wednesdays. Typically I play catch up with shows on my DVR.

Thursday: Jersey Shore, I Just Want My Pants Back ...I'm not sure how I feel about that show, even though I keep watching it. No one is that witty, all of the time. Not even me.

Friday: Gold Rush Alaska ...but I think I missed the season finale? I also used to record Dateline every Friday night, until that started giving me panic attacks. I know, I know...I'm strange.

What do you watch??