Instagram Weekly, v. 9

I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patrick's Day!
Personally, I'm still recovering from mine.

Here's a few pictures from my week:




1. This is fantastic and I will probably drink it a lot this summer. You should, too. | 2. So that's where I parked my bike. | 3. Chocolate and vanilla twist with rainbow sprinkles. Don't you dare judge me.

On another note, you know when you visit a blog and you see pictures of the girl with all of her friends and everyone is dressed up in cute outfits, eating fantastic food that's displayed like it's in a cooking magazine?

You're never going to find that here.

 I'm assuming anyone who has tea parties on Saturday afternoons is really drinking Twisted Teas. 

. Moving's some pictures from my St. Patty's Day:






4. My gear. | 5. Me and Slamuel. | 6. What? I checked his ID. | 7. It was a gorgeous day! | 8. My nail polish...that I'm still rockin today at the office #RealProfessional.

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