A little RHOC, if you will...

I have to talk about last night's episode of RHOC, I hope you don't mind. I was really excited for the episode because I knew shit was going to go down, and they were going to be dressed like idiots.

 Slade hasn't bothered me too much in the past, but his stand up show gave me the worst case of second-hand-embarrassment I've ever had. Plus, he was a douche for saying shit about the other girls, despite Gretchen asking him to reconsider it. However, #lesbehonest, he has no other material to use AND in all fairness, Vicki does look like Miss Piggy.

Props to Gretchen for calling that guy (?) out for talking shit. My guess is this - he was invited to the party to stir up drama because no matter what Vicki says in her interviews, she would have never started shit with Gretchen. Not at Tamra's party, not dressed like that.

So this got me thinking...where else have we seen Bravo's little shit starters?

RHOBH: Camille's friend D (what's her real name?). She was at Brandi's party to instigate. Camille was taking the high road for the entire season, and Bravo (controlled by Andy Cohan, I think) didn't appreciate her class act. Therefore, D was invited to the party so she would confront Taylor.

Taylor effing lost it.

RHOA: Marlo. She was invited by NeNe to go to South Africa with all of the ladies. Without Kim in the mix, shit wasn't going to get too crazy, and Bravo (ahem, Andy) knew that. So why not throw in an ex-con, sit back, and watch everything go down?

How embarrassing was this scene?

RHONJ: Melissa Gorga's sisters. OH, and that fugly Kim G.

She just HAD to bring that lawyer to Melissa and Joe's party, right?

RHONY: I didn't really watch last season, to be honest. Without Bethenny, I didn't have any desire to. However, Simon was causing some Twitter drama with some of the ladies, especially Jill.

Heyyyy girl, heyyyy.

Basically these people are brought on each show to cause problems, but Bravo doesn't want pay them as much as they pay the main ladies. So, they don't get their own segments, they don't get to hold an apple, or an orange, or a diamond, or a piece of garbage (sorry, NJ) in the opening credits,
but what do get to do is cause more drama for us to enjoy.

I'm on to you Andy Cohen...Mazel!