Thursday 13

Linking up with Aunie Sauce for Thursday 13.
This week it's the 13 things I'd want with me if I was stranded on a deserted island.

Aunie Sauce

And here we go...

1. Beer.

Um, did you really expect #1 to be ANYTHING else?

2. My bed.
I love my bed and would need it to sleep in, after I pass out from drinking.

3. My Nook.

I would most definitely read to pass some time.

4. Wi-fi.

Okay, that would NEVER happen, but I would obviously need wi-fi so I could creep on my Nook.

5. Sam and Heather.
I'd need drinking buddies, right?

6. Oh, and of course Aaron Rodgers.

7. These cute puppies.

8. A nice pair of sunnies. I like these.

9. Daniel Tosh.
Random, but I would need to be entertained somehow.

10. I would need someone to build me a Chili's so I could continue to get two-for-ones on a weekly basis.

11. An iPod.
I love good tunes.

12. Chobani.
I can't live without it.

13. Deodorant.
#lesbehonest, it could get funky. Oh, and I wear Old Spice deodorant, by the way. Doesn't leave any white marks on my black clothing.

What would you bring with you?