Wednesday Celebrity Ramblings

First of all, I would like to say that I knew Reese Witherspoon was knocked up. I saw the following picture of her on Monday and thought she was for shiz up the spout.

Photo Cred

I'm just happy that she married that Jim guy and not my beloved Jake Gyllenhaal. And how much does her daughter look like her? It's scary!

Moving on...

Anyone watch Bethenny Ever After? She might possibly be my favorite housewife in housewife history, but I'm not a huge fan of her this season. How long can someone play the "I'm damaged" card before they have to fold? Guess what, Bethenny? A LOT of people have horrible childhoods and A LOT of the SAME people have horrible lives as adults.

Not everyone sells SkinnyGirl for $120 million, okay? You're sittin' pretty, hunnie.

She has an amazing career, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful daughter.
Not to mention her own reality show and a fucking huge NYC apartment. So she can just shut up.

Jason's parents remind me a lot of my parents. Actually, Jason reminds me a lot of my brother PJ.

Jason and Bethenny - Photo Cred

Heather and PJ

Weird, right? Anyway, I think Bethenny's therapist is a major creeper and I'm willing to bet he walked in on her in the bathroom on purpose. That's all I have to say about that.

Anyone watch Shahs of Sunset? I caught the first episode, but haven't watched the second one yet.
The jury is still out...

Happy Wednesday!

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