Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I've thought about participating in Awkward and Awesome Thursday before, but never have.

Until now.

I came across this picture over the weekend and legit almost peed my pants.

I'm going to base all of my awkward/awesomeness off of this photo:


We need to start with the obvious - I'm being attacked and my parents clearly have no idea.

My mother's sweater.

Why do I have SHORTS on in DECEMBER in NEW YORK? This was before it was 50 on Christmas. I'm willing to bet there was snow outside.

On that note, my albino legs.

My dog (RIP Misty) has no prob flashing her lady bits for the camera.

The angel that's sitting on top of the TV? Yeah, that thing didn't have a face.


Once again - I'm being attacked and my parents clearly have no idea.

Both my mom and my dad's glasses.

The wreath ornament (above my dad's head) that my mother still puts on our Christmas tree. I probably made it that year in school, however, GOD FORBID she threw anything away.

One of my brothers took this picture and probably enjoyed every single second of it.

You're welcome.