Happy Birthday, Mills!

Today is my sister-in-law's thirty-f-- ya know what, let's just leave it at that.

 Today is Heather's birthday.

But I call her Mills. So you should, too.

If you think I drink a lot now, you should have met me when I was in college and hanging out with this girl 4-5 times a week. Let's just say we're lucky to be alive.

THANK GOD we were egotisical pricks and took pictures every.minute. of every.day.night. because I have no idea how I would remember 2007-2009 otherwise.

Thanksgiving 2007. This was day two of a four day binge.
Wine tour = hot mess. This was a before shot.

OBX 2008. I miss having a real tan.

We went to NYC for the day and seriously sat a bar and drank the entire time #amazeballs

We used to run the table.
You can give her the best bday present ever and follow her on Twitter.

Now...let's get drunk!