Happy Birthday Olive!

Today is my great-grandmother's 96th birthday.

Yup, 96.

I will be lucky if I make it to 26 - which is about 5 months away. eek.

That's her when she was about 4 years old - meaning this picture was taken around 1920.

That's her, my great-grandfather, and their son (my mom's father).

Olive and Warren, along with my mother's parents (Carol and Don), and my mom and her siblings (Mark and Krista). My mom (lin-duhhh) is the little girl (not the baby) giving the stink eye. Jes, she's lookin at you.

Another group shot. This was taken in front of my great-grandparent's house, which is where I live now.

Finally, this picture was taken at the birthday party we had for her last Saturday. She asked no less than 5 times when the strippers were going to get there.

She's a pisser, and that's why I love her.