I know I said I was going to wait until tomorrow, but...

...I decided to post my RHONJ recap today. I think I'm going back to weekly recaps of the show, like I did for RHOBH, since NJ is my favorite season. And what a season this is going to be...

From left to right: Jacqueline, Teresa, Caroline, Kathy, and Melissa via Google images.

For those of you who do not follow the show - Caroline and Jacqueline are sister-in-laws. Melissa and Teresa are sister-in-laws. Kathy is Teresa's cousin by blood, and Melissa's cousin by marriage.

Caroline: I don't know if I love her, or hate her. I'm so sick of her matriarch bullshit that she's always spewing. I know for sure that I do not like her daughter, Lauren. Does that bitch ever stop complaining? I personally love when she complains about her weight. Ever see her boyfriend, Vito? LAUREN, if you want to lose weight, date a guy who works at a gym, not a fuckin deli. 

And her sons? My friend Sam saw them in Syracuse a few weekends ago. She didn't say hello, but she did say they do not look that great in person - not even Albie. I like Chris better than Albie and his lisp, anyway.

Jacqueline: I cannot stop staring at her neck. She's obviously had work done on her face, and all of that extra skin is sticking around her neck area. It grosses me out. I like her, and think she's funny, but I wish she would wear scarves more often. Plus, she has the hottest husband in my opinion. And the ugliest daughter.

See what I mean about the neck? via Google Images.

Kathy: She's, hands down, my favorite. I love her and I love her kids. Her husband is creepy, but I do think he's funny - looking, that is. She seems genuine, but this is only her second season on the show. She could change, but I really hope she doesn't. She also has a lesbian sister, Rosie, who is amazeballs.

Melissa:  I didn't like her when she first started last season, but that's when I was still Team Teresa. Melissa seemed a bit over the top (which she really is) and fake to me (not so much). As the season went on, I liked her more and more - and I especially love her kids. They are freakin adorable. I love to make fun of housewives who think they can sing (cough - Gretchen - cough), but Melissa actually can so props to her.

Teresa: It's clear that fame has gotten to Teresa and her forehead-less head. Nothing she wrote in her Skinny Italian book was funny, because this woman is obviously too stupid to have a sense of humor. Milania is the only Giudice that can crack a joke. Follow her on Twitter and see for yourself.

That's a two finger forehead via Google Images.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who watches (and loves) this show?