I'm annoyed because...

1. I can't buy Rhianna and Chris Brown's song "Birthday Cake" on iTunes. I finally started paying for music, and now I can't fucking buy this song because it wasn't officially released? I know she tweeted a link to a free download of the song, but I'm still annoyed. Take my $1.29, PLEASE. I beg of you.

1a. Rhianna is a little too gangster for me. If you follow her on Twitter (I stopped - she was scaring me) then you know what I'm talking about.

1b. Chris Brown is still a doucher.

1c. cake cake cake cake cake cake cake

2. My DVR box decides not to record what it set up to record (Big Rich Texas, for example) but instead records old episodes of RHOC. I have episodes from when Tammy and Laurie were still on the show. I don't want to watch them! There is nothing worse than going home after work and NOT finding the right shows on my DVR. I get very, very angry.

3. Speaking of Real Housewives...there's a Real Housewives of Vancouver series that's not on Bravo in the US. I'm so depressed over this. Tennille was telling me about it last week and I could have cried. I need to find out if I can watch the episodes online. How dare you Andy Cohen, how.dare.you.

4. My insurance denied the surgery I need to have done to correct my eye. My doctor told me that he would write an appeal letter and get it all straightened out. In a way, I'm kind of relieved because I'm nervous about getting this surgery done. At the same time, I know it's what I need to fix my lazy eye.

I find it strange that a woman who works for my insurance company, who has never met me, is the deciding factor about whether or not I have this surgery. She says it's not medical, it's cosmetic. Well, I'm just going to assume that's she's a troll who is angry that she doesn't have enough money for the cosmetic surgery she needs to not look like this:

via Google Images.

5. Turns out TODAY is my great-grandmother's birthday. I thought yesterday was the 25th. all. day. I wrote 4/25/12 on everything. Oops. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for her!