ohhh yeahh, peep please, yeahhh

Two Smuppies

So last month I was crowned the victor of Peep, Please!: Purse Edition. No big deal; I had only been training a month. So Jes and Crystal left this month's Peep, Please! up to me. I was all, "Cars! I want to see inside everyone's cars!" ...until I realized that meant people would have to see MY car. 

Oh shit, here we go...

The front seat - not too bad right?

 Backseat ...couple random things, but that's about it.

 Guys, I'm just fuckin with ya. Those pictures were taken AFTER I cleaned my car.

Let's just say I've had gum stuck to the outside of my door before and left it there until it weathered away.

While transporting buffalo chicken wing dip, some of it spilled over in my backseat.
I didn't know this and then it FROZE. Not fun cleaning that up, not fun at all.

Here are the real pictures...

Looooook! It's my beastly purse that got me into this mess to begin with. I'll have you know that I switched most of my things to the turquoise purse that is also pictured, but that random energy drink? Yep, that's still in my black purse.

My backseat. No one has sat back there in months.

Speaking of energy drinks, behind my passenger's seat is where energy drinks go to die.

Before AND after shot of the trunk. Bowling balls and pieces of birch wood?

Don't ask.

Here's a picture of the outside of the beauty:

She's sassy. That's why I like her.