Random Wednesday and What I'm Listening To

Creepy alien eye.

I've been bummin lately. I'm pretty much a Debbie every day.
Debbie Downer, that is. I just like to say Debbie, mmmkay?

Here are a few things I've decided as of late:

Texting is the devil.

So is Facebook.

But I still love ya, Twitter.

Mixed messages make my head hurt.

Although, I'm fully aware that I'm constantly sending mixed messages and need to stop.

The answer to my problems is not at the bottom of a Coors Light draft.

So I have to stop looking for it there.

Getting back into a gym routine is a great feeling.

I'm going to cut my hair again. I have an appointment next Monday. Watch out.

And since I've been such a Debbie, this song has been on repeat:

Please tune in tomorrow for your regular scheduled (aka ridiculous) programming.