Working for the weekend...

Reading Shay's post yesterday made me sad. Like really, really sad. And it wasn't even meant to be a sad post! I'm just uber depressed because she has a fantastical time at work every day. That's not the case for me. I joke that at any give minute, of any given Monday-Friday, you can find me contemplating how I can jump out of my first-story office window and really make it count.

Go to a higher floor, you say? Can't. It's only a one-story building. I guess I could try the roof, though.

I didn't ALWAYS dislike my co-workers job this much. In fact, I LOVED some of my old jobs.

For example, when I worked at a card store (no, not Hallmark) I met my slutty best friend, Slam. Back in the day, she went by Sammy D and kind of looked like a Puerto Rican princess.

See what I mean?

Then I worked at an after school/summer camp. I know - I worked with CHILDREN. Can you believe it?

My favorites.

We had fun dress up days. I dressed up as a hippie who may or may not have smoked pot before work.

I'm kidding...I didn't. Those sunglasses were just for show. Maybe.

Then I was a nanny. I know, more children - gross. 
I didn't have co-workers at this job, but my car was always clean, at least.

What child labor laws?

Do you like your job? Co-workers?

Have a good weekend, everyone!