Corona & Lime Cupcakes (and a drink!) Recipe

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I was inspired on Friday afternoon by Kelsey's post to make cupcakes for the Cinco de Mayo party I was having the next day. I decided I wouldn't make the frosting from scratch - didn't have time to. I would, however, make the batter from scratch because I already had almost everything I needed.

 I told my friend Sam my plan of action and she replied with, "That's dumb. Buy a cake mix."

She was right - it was dumb. And considering how many problems we had in the kitchen on Friday night, I'm glad I decided not to make the cake from scratch, either.

SO - here's the "recipe"

1 box of yellow (or white) cake mix
2 containers of vanilla (cue Christian Grey) frosting
1 Corona (bottle - for the cap) 
3-4 limes
1 large storage or freezer bag

I baked the cupcakes according to the directions on the box, but I changed one thing. I added the eggs and oil, but instead of using 1c of water, I used 1c of Corona.  I also added zest from one of the limes. 

Even the batter tasted delish.

I wasn't sure how much lime juice to add to the frosting. I used juice from half of a lime for each can of frosting. I could taste it, but not enough. I would definitely add more next time, but just do it to your liking.

I don't have a fancy piping bag - WAIT, that's a lie. I do, but I hate it. I have more luck with Ziplock storage bags. So once the frosting was mixed with the lime juice, I put it into a bag, pushed it all to one corner, and snipped the edge of it. It's like that, y'all.

I then added the bottle cap and a lime wedge to one of the cupcakes, so it looked all fancy. 

I did keep them in the fridge overnight, but that was really because I was scared one of my cats would get to them if I left them out on the counter. They are drunks, so they would be all over a cupcake with beer in it.

Oh, and I suggest you have this cupcake with a Dirty Mexican. 

No, not a real dirty Mexican. Unless that's what you're into - I won't judge.

A Dirty Mexican is a Corona with a shot of Bacardi Limon. Drink the neck of the Corona, add the shot and a lime, and call it a day. No seriously, call it a day because you'll be knocked on your ass.

Enjoy! :)