Imaginary Wednesdays, part two

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Yesterday, after I discovered I suffer from Justin Bieber-emo hair-lazy eye, I needed a few drinks. Lucky for me, Sharkie was in town for his weekly visit and we headed straight to the bar.

Sharks is totally 21. If you don't believe me, here's proof:

Dog years people, dog years.

Sharks knew how depressed I was about my eye, so he decided to get all sorts of dressed up and hopefully get me to laugh. I must admit, it totally worked. Mills met us out for a beer, too.

hey girl, hey.

Next, we met up with my brother and da Shark insisted on showing me his funnel skills.


I was quite impressed.

It turned into a pretty sloppy day. By the end of it, he had me dressed up as an Eskimo, calling Laguna Beach to file a claim against Kristin Cavallari and her side bangs.

Our 'Look Mom, I'm drunk!" faces.

Thanks for letting him hang out with me, Jes. Sorry if he's hungover today.