Instagram Weekly, v. 17

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In my mind he's saying, "Hey ladies, I'm brushing my soul patch. Wanna see it?"

 Someone was mad at me because I wouldn't let her go out in the rain.

 Typical conversation between the three of us.

 Thanks to Ophelia's giveaway, my bathroom smells amazeballs!

Bought the shirt on the left, inspired by the shirt on the right. Going to wear it on the plane to NC.

Fingers crossed I'm as hopped up as she is AND that I can get my hair to look like that.

 Frogger gave me full blown anxiety. I was way too into it.

 Me and the nugget.

This place has great food AND it came with pickles. I'm a pickle weasel. It's a legit condition.


Coronas on a Sunday. Judge me, I dare you.