Peep, please! My Mother Fuggin Fridge

Two Smuppies

I'm sure everyone is expecting my fridge to be disgusting, considering how messy my purse and car are.

I'm sorry to disappoint!

I clean out my fridge on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis and I'm OCD about where things go.

The beast.

I try to have everything facing the right away. As you can see, Stewart's chocolate milk is front row.

And for the record, I think V8 is nasty. That's not mine.

I like to call these the "Help me, I'm poor" shelves because they are always empty.

Unless it's Friday. Then they are full of beer.

Some salsa, a pear, and steak for Wednesday's dinner.

Lemons, lettuce, tortillas, and JUMBO FRANKS.

Which make me puke. Those are also not mine.

 Potatoes, onions and what's that? How'd those chocolate covered cherries get in there?

For the record, there was one left and I totally ate it after I took the picture.

If I lived by myself, all of these labels would be turned out. However, I live with a Gorilla Juicehead so it's impossible to keep them like that. The most important thing in this picture is the steak sauce (second self, black bottle) because I put that ish on everything.

The Community Beer Foundation. Everyone knows that they can take a beer from here as long as it's not a Coors Light or a Corona, unless they want to be cut.

Freezer. Nothing too crazy, although I make sure I have 101 bags of frozen veggies on hand. If I use one bag of peas, I go to the market and buy two more. Don't ask.

Hands down my favorite part of the fridge. Got my poo magnets, a picture of my great-grandparents and my grandfather when he was little, my meal plan for the week, an embarrassing picture of my friend Justin from 8th grade when he bleached his hair, a picture of my cousin Hilary rocking a sweet dress, and of course, a picture (top left) of the Gorilla Juicehead acting like a teradactyl. He's dumb.

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