RHONJ Episode 4 Recap & Guest Post!

Hello fellow Graceless Lady readers!
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When Alissa asked me to do a Guest Post for her RHONJ Recaps I was beyond excited..
but totally nervous that I couldn't be as funny as her.
Then I got sick the day before I was supposed to do my recap and I thought I was doomed.
I thought about cancelling/rescheduling but instead decided to push through! 

Let's get started..

1st of all, did anyone else read this article about Teresa revealing that she was a virgin when she got married to Joe and lost her virginity on her wedding night?
Totally did not see that one coming.
She really is doing everything she can to make herself look better.
NEWSFLASH: Nothing can help you now because everyone thinks you are CRAZY!

On to the episode named.. Drowing Pool
Who comes up with these titles?
They should be fired.

Episode starts with Teresa and Melissa rehashing the fight with their husbands.
Both of these women should know by now that talking to their husbands about these things is useless,
both of the Joe's happen to be dumb as a box of rocks.

Teresa goes to Jacqueline's for a workout.
The instructor is drunk?
Smart woman.
I don't know about you but I don't think anyone actually worked out.

Lauren accompanies Albie and Chris to the car dealership so that Chris can buy an $80,000 jaguar. Excuse me? You mean to tell me he can afford that from working at the Brownstone and selling that nasty black colored water?
Just kidding! It's for Caroline.
Lucky bitch.

Time for the Wakile Pool Party.
The Manzo's are not showing up and Kathy is pissed.
She made a lot of Potato and Macaroni Salad for this you know?
Turns out that Rich told his kid's not to invite their friends because Teresa was going to be there.
Seems like foreshadowing..

Looks like Rich was right as Teresa and Joe Gorga decide to hash it out.
Yet another argument of back and forth nonesense.
Teresa does her best ugly cry, Joe calls her a bitch, and nothing gets resolved.

Teresa storms off, leaving the rest of the Pool Party guests confused.

Come on really?
Can we all just agree that this is NEVER going to be resolved.

Plus Milania didn't have any good one-liners this episode.
What are the producers thinking?
Don't they know that she is the real star here?

But the trainwreck just keeps getting worse and the previews for next week appear to prove that!

Hope you guys enjoyed my recap! 
Big thanks to Alissa for asking me to Guest Post :)
Feel free to come by and check out my blog, I'd love to have you!