Sunday Double Feature

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!
(which is pretty much all of you...)

If you ever wondered where I get my attitude from, you can blame this lady...

Me and LinDUH circa 1995.

Sometimes I allowed her to hug me.

But it's also my cousin's birthday - so Happy Birthday, Hilary!

23 makes you sound old. Remember when we used to pretend we were dating the Hanson brothers and I made you date Issac? #sorrynotsorry were/are the little sister I never had, so of course I tortured you.

Sweet outfit...wait, never mind. It was probably mine first.

I'll take a couple for the team...

Those dresses were in style at one point...right?

Me, my brother Matt, and Hilary. Oh, and my undies. Oops.

I don't torture her she tortures my nephew instead.

Cheers to finishing your first year of law school!