"They let anyone on Instagram these days." - iPhone users

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 Obama was in Albany for a hot minute last week. He completely shut down the city and I was forced to eat BBQ sauce for lunch. No, really. I did. It wasn't good, but my Christian Grey reference was.

 Storm clouds! I love thunderstorms ...and I love them even more now because I have a generator, so if we lose power, then party at my house. Okay, okay, party at my house anyway.

 Saratoga Sweets - amazing candy. Jes, yours is on its way!

 Shay, I told Mooshy what you said about cats. This was her response.

I want to like these. I really, really do...but I don't.

Ophelia's 100 followers giveaway package arrived! I was so excited and the card was amazeballs.

Thank you!

 Sushi X Lounge felt like Studio 54.

I take wrapping paper EXTREMELY seriously.

Just in case I didn't think he could be any cuter, my sister-in-law puts him in overalls.