What's the story with your jacket?

Last week I talked about how ridiculous my town is and I loved hearing about your small towns, too! Mechanicville is "popular" for two reasons; we were hit with a F3 tornado in 1998 and Steve Carell did a segment for The Daily Show about the town in 2001.

Oh, I also ran into one of the staffers for the website I was talking about. Yep, ran into him less than a week after I wrote the blog post - if that's not small town America...or Karma, I don't know what is.

For the record, I do think the website is a good idea. I'm not just saying that because I got caught. I knew if anyone clicked on the link from my site, it would show up on their stats. I have so many embedded stat counters on this blog, I could probably find out if you are sitting on a toilet right now.

Anyway, their site covers news, not small town gossip. I'm just an asshole, ya know?

You know.

Below is the segment Steve Carell did. Two things to note:

Starting around the 2 minute mark, Steve is talking with a guy who works at a mechanic shop. Apparently, this mechanic shop is now filming a pilot for a TLC series. I WOULD DIE if they actually made a show about this  place.

Also, around the 3 minute mark, Steve is talking to my old bus driver.

Please - PLEASE - watch this video.