Friday's Letters {and a giveaway winner!}

 Annnnd the winner of my 100 followers giveaway isssss:

#30 - Kim from *Yep, they are all mine. Congrats!
And if you guys don't read her blog, you're dumb.

Kim, email me and we will figure out the details. Thanks to everyone who participated!
I'll do another giveaway soon. Nope, that's a lie. I probably won't.


Dear Justin Bieber,

I like to forget you exist. Then, when I'm trolling the interwebs, I find pictures of you like this:


It really makes me question why your mother didn't swallow you when she had the chance. I live in constant fear of accidentally hearing one of your songs and I liking it. I stick to country and rock stations when I listen to the radio, because you haven't taken over those airways yet. I don't know what Selena Gomez is thinking. The only conclusion I can come to is that she's a lesbian.

But seriously, thanks for providing countless hours of Facebook entertainment for myself, Shay, and Jes.

 Dear Readers,

Just for the record, I am not single. I know I rarely talk about my boyfriend on my blog, so there has been some confusion. However, if you read hard enough or get to know me, you will find out that he does exist. In fact, I live with him. Shocker? No, not that type of shocker. You're sick.

Here's some photo evidence:

He's wearing an Italia zip up because he thinks he's cool.

 Maybe someday I'll talk about him, or even worse, tell you our "love story."

 He picked me up after a funeral. Not kidding.

Dear US Airways,

I'm leaving for NC in a few weeks, so let's make sure everything runs smoothly on my flight, okay? WiFi, free drinks, and an upgrade to first class wouldn't upset me. In fact, it's encouraged. Just wanted to let you know that.

Have a great weekend everyone :)