Hey Girl Heyyy

Hold the phones! I'm NOT doing Friday's Letters today - Who.Am.I.

I need to do a special post. Because starting next week (Wednesday to be exact) I will officially be MIA from Blogland. I'm sad, so sad, just thinking about it.

But then I remember WHY I will be MIA and I'm anxious happy again. 

I'll be going away with this friend of mine. We'll be going to North Carolina because her brother lives down there. It will be her brother's birthday while we are down there, and it will be HER birthday when we get back. So, we didn't exactly plan that accordingly, but there's this local bar that will serve her 24 wings (for her 24 years) and a HUGE beer for free. We have to get back to NY for that. You understand.

She has many names: Sammy D, Samsonite, Samuel, Slam, Slamuel, Slamantha, Slam Dunk...

But she's just Sam 99% of the time. And she's be best friend. And no, we're not lesbians.

Our love story goes as follows: I was working at a card store, she came in for an application, filled it out and gave it back to me. Normally, I would just throw it in a pile with the rest of them, but for whatever reason, I told her to call the next day and talk to the manager.

She called and was hired. Sometimes we worked. Sometimes we took pictures like this:

I am NOT a member of the KKK - for the record.

Are you ready for a ridiculous photo montage? 
I love looking at pictures of us because our hairstyles/wardrobes have been uhhhh - hit or miss.

I cannot believe I'm drinking a Miller Lite.

Red cup photo op.

Circa 2006.
Toga party.

See what I mean about the outfits?

Celebrating her 18th birthday - the right way.

Summer = tan.

Winter = pale.


Annnnd cue the sunglasses to cover my lazy eye.

We bleed orange. Just kidding. We don't.
We don't drink a lot or anything...
Actually, it's safe to say that even if alcohol is not in a photo, we were drunk.

 So, Happy EARLY Birthday, Sam. Cheers to another year of friendship.
(How queer does that sound?)