I need your help...

No, I don't want your money.

I will be MIA for good chunk of July. I know! Go get some tissues because this is going to be SAD.

From July 4th until July 15th I will be on vacation from work.
In between that time (the 6th-10th) I will be in North Carolina.

Then I'm back for a few days before I take off for the World Series of Bocce.
Not.Even.Kidding. It's a real thing.

I will return on the 22nd and be gone again on the 26th for my lazy eye surgery.
I know for sure I'll be hopped up on the 27th, and maybe even all weekend, into the next week.

Fingers crossed for some good drugs.

What I'm saying is this - anyone want to guest post? I already have a couple people lined up, but since I'm pretty much chalking July up as a loss, I need some more.

If you're serious about it - and by serious I mean, you're not going to talk about breastfeeding or homeschooling - then shoot me an email at graceless.lady.blog@gmail.com.

I'm looking for about 8 more bitches, okay?
First come, first serve, and all that jazz. 

And if you don't want to guest post, then let's talk about how much you're going to miss me.