Instagram Weekly, v. 20

Linking up. You should, too.

If you follow me on Instagram (@alissaerin), then you probably think you've already seen these pictures.

You haven't. Well, not all of them.

 Here's the trick - put your phone in airplane mode, filter pictures through Instagram, when they "fail" to upload, delete the photo off of Instagram.

It won't show up on your feed, but it will be saved on your phone.

Jes sent me some gummies to hold me over since she's gone for almost
3 weeks
However, the gummies are gone, and she's not back yet.

 Mozz sticks and raspberry sauce. I know I've asked this before, but has anyone heard of raspberry sauce? I'm pretty sure it's an Upstate NY thing, but I'm curious if you've tried it. Amazeballs.

Went to the harness track on Friday night and won on a horse called, "You're Too Funny."
 Appropriate, right?

What's that at the bottom of my beer?

A magnet! These drafts are crazy. The bartender puts the "special cup" on a "special tap" and the beer fills from the bottom up. Trick is, you can't touch the magnet or else it will move and all of your beer will leak out.


 I read this book in ONE day. It was that good. You should check it out.

I used the Lowes flyer as tissue paper for my dad's Father's Day present. Creative, right? I really just didn't have any tissue paper.

Toby doesn't understand why Alden can't throw the ball.

Finished the weekend with this wine, and a little RHONJ. So happy that SOMETHING happened. Check for the recap later today or tomorrow.